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Disengaged employees decrease your profits by over 30%.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Disengaged employees exhibit poor work ethic, create negative experiences for your customers, and decrease the morale of other employees. They are, in essence, toxic to your business.

You can increase employee engagement and improve productivity by implementing some of the following strategies.

  1. Clear Communication. Effective communication of your performance expectations. Share them via email, text, and add them to your business operating procedures.

  2. Provide Incentives. We got it! You may not have the funds to provide bonuses for your employees. Consider a couple of hours paid time off or a gift card. Find creative ways to reward your employees.

  3. Scheduled One-On-Ones. These informal conversations are your opportunity to discuss goals and commend their achievements. It's also the time to discuss any observed challenges and provide insight on how to address those challenges.

  4. Solicit Feedback. Don't be afraid to ask your employees to rate your performance. A great time to do this is during one-on-ones.

  5. Gain Buy-In. As you grow, your systems and processes may change. Your employees are the keepers of both. As for their input and ideas...they may just surprise you!

  6. Be Engaged. Supervised employees are 59% more like to be engaged! Be the motivator for your business. Your employees will mimic your example.

Make an impact on your organization! Engaged employees are loyal and motivated to your mission and vision. Increase your employee engagement and improve the success of your organization.

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